I am Philip Moore, the owner of Distillery Botanica.

My background is horticulture and I was the founder and manager of Renaissance Herbs – Australia’s largest wholesale herb nursery - for over 20 years where we grew close to one million plants per year. I have a passion for plants, flavours and aromas both of food and drinks as well as botanicals. Thus, it was preordained that a nursery specialising in hundreds of varieties of herbs had to be the obvious consequence of these consuming enthusiasms.

It was in 2007 I felt I needed a sea change and with the guidance of two books, the internet and the purchase of a an extremely tiny still, I initiated myself in the ancient art and science of distilling. 

So far in prestigious international spirit competitions I have won 7 gold medals and 6 silver medals.

My international award winning drinks are created from many hours of handcrafting and hundreds of trials. The gardens which surround the distillery allow me to indulge my passion for plants, source botanicals for my range and create a tranquil oasis which is only minutes from the madding crowd.

With my background in plants, everything must be made from plants. No artificial flavours or colours will ever be allowed here and the botanicals used in our drinks are grown in our garden wherever possible. I love nothing better than deconstructing the flavours of herbs, foods and drinks, then fusing them together to create a flavour symphony which is greater than the sum of its parts.

I invite you to visit Distillery Botanica where I can share with you all my creations.