At Distillery Botanica, we do love a cocktail or two. After all, why make our delicious drops if we can't enjoy them? We do often get asked for cocktail ideas and recipes. So as a thank you for being such great supporters of our business, here are three of Philip's favourite cocktails for you to enjoy. Chin chin!   

The Primrose Path

6478-RW 233.jpg

30mls Moores Dry Gin
30mls Mr Black Coffee Amaro
30mls Campari
A piece of pink grapefruit zest
A grapefruit wedge

Squeeze grapefruit zest over the top of mixing glass, drop in.
Squeeze pink grapefruit wedge into mixing glass, drop in.
Build all remaining ingredients into the mixing glass.
Fill halfway with ice and stir.
Pour all ingredients into glass.

A spring of mint leaves or citrus leaves.


The Ginspresso Martini 

6478-RW 265.jpg

30mls Moores Dry Gin
30mls Mr Black Cold Coffee Brew Liqueur
30mls Fresh Espresso coffee
5mls sugar syrup*
A piece of orange zest, the size of your thumbnail

Fill cocktail shaker half full with ice.
Squeeze orange zest over the top of cocktail shaker, drop in.
Add remaining ingredients, 
Shake vigorously 60 times.
Double strain and pour into chilled glass.

Orange slice or three coffee beans.


*100g of sugar, white or brown. 50mls of water. Add to saucepan, heat gently until sugar dissolves, cool down and place in glass jar and store in fridge.


The Pink Gin 

6478-RW 217.jpg

30mls Moores Dry Gin
5mls Distillery Botanica Raspberry Liqueur
100mls Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water
A piece of lime zest
A lime wedge

Chill glass in freezer for 10 minutes and remove.
Add half a glass of ice.
Lightly squeeze lime zest into the mixing glass, then drop in.
Add remaining ingredients.
Stir and garnish.

Lime wedge.

Old fashioned glass or stemless Shiraz wine glass.