We’ve made a limited edition gin with botanicals foraged from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney.

Yep, we can’t really believe it ourselves!
Plants picked from that stunner of a garden on Sydney Harbour. But don’t worry, we didn’t just wander about tugging stuff straight out of the soil. We were invited by the Garden and spent some delightful days with the Garden’s Director of Horticulture Management, Jimmy Turner, who, with our Master Distiller, Philip, carefully picked
the right varietals. They selected botanicals that would be both delicious and distinctive in flavour, and, importantly, 100% sustainable. After all, conservation is key to the work of the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust. That’s why 50% of the profits from this Rather Royal Gin go directly to the Royal Botanic Garden’s conservation programs.

As you know, we love a garden.

Especially old royal ones. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney celebrated their 200th birthday in 2016. So you can’t really get older or royal-er. And here’s something to ponder. There’s nearly 9000 plant species in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney and Domain, with over 67,000 specimens and 3,964 trees. Oh, and in their herbarium, just a lazy 1.2 million! Think of how much gin we could have made…only joking.

Your tasting notes, ma’am.

Nose: A pulsing complex interplay between the savory, herbal, and the citrus and floral botanicals. Each group taking turns to dominate the aroma.

Palate: On entry to the palate it is rich, viscousand sweet from the superb Macedonian junipers and orris root. Impeccably clean. At the mid palate it is spicy from the curry leaf and Murraya flowers. And the finish is extremely high quality enjoyable bitters from the citrus. The aftertaste displays an almost sherbet quality on the back palate with adult notes of horehound. Overall impression: Mouthfillingly delicious neat.Superb in a G+T, Martini or Negroni.

But hurry. We only made 1000 bottles.