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Moore’s Dry Gin

Moore's Dry Gin - The first Australian gin to ever win GOLD at the prestigious London International Wine and Spirit Competition. The judges said Moore's Gin is: "Truly classic in style - uplifting, assertive and balanced; pleasing and captivating."


Distillery Botanica

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Lemon Myrtle Liqueur

Lemon Myrtle Liqueur is the highest awarded Australian native liqueur ever at the IWSC, the judges loving the “Lemon and barley and sherbert, with a very elegant palate.” Using hand picked lemon myrtle from the Distillery Botanica garden, it is lovingly distilled using the vapour infusion method, a technique that creates a much more elegant drink than conventional distillation.


Raspberry Liqueur

“Philip Moore has hand crafted this luscious raspberry liqueur using cool climate Tasmanian raspberries, ripened to his own satisfaction. You’ll be blown away by the taste of real raspberries in this versatile liqueur. Enjoy it neat, with ice, white wine, sparkling wine, soda water or in an array of delicious cocktails.” — Sydney Morning Herald